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  reivilibre 4eb2f4e02b Fix broken links in the Synapse documentation. (#14744) 1 year ago
  Peter Scheu 16e1a9d9a7 Correct documentation for map_user_attributes of OpenID Mapping Providers (#13836) 1 year ago
  Dirk Klimpel 6dd7fa12dc Update some outdated information on `` (#13449) 1 year ago
  reivilibre 84d790a32e Clarify SSO mapping provider documentation by writing `def` or `async def` before the names of methods, as appropriate. (#11681) 2 years ago
  Dirk Klimpel 0adc2882c1 Fix broken links in documentation (#10180) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke d19bccdbec Update SSO mapping providers documentation about unique IDs. (#9980) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 683d6f75af Rename handler and config modules which end in handler/config. (#9816) 3 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 28877fade9 Implement a username picker for synapse (#8942) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 112f6bd49e Merge tag 'v1.24.0rc2' into develop 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 22c6c19f91 Fix a regression that mapping providers should be able to redirect users. (#8878) 3 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 6e4f71c057 Fix a buglet in the SAML username mapping provider doc (#8873) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 4fd222ad70 Support trying multiple localparts for OpenID Connect. (#8801) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 79bfe966e0 Improve error checking for OIDC/SAML mapping providers (#8774) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 8b40843392 Allow additional SSO properties to be passed to the client (#8413) 3 years ago
  Christopher Cooper c4a820b32a allow emails to be passed through SAML (#7385) 4 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 51fb0fc2e5 Update documentation about SSO mapping providers (#7458) 4 years ago