Erik Johnston 25dd56ace3 Fix race when persisting create event (#4404) 2 years ago
.gitignore e845fd41c2 Correct attrs package name in requirements (#3492) 3 years ago
4342.misc 7975d39cbd Add changelog 2 years ago
4368.misc 0dce21ba77 Newsfile 2 years ago
4369.bugfix 7960c26fda Fix adding new rows instead of updating them if one of the key values is a NULL in upserts. (#4369) 2 years ago
4370.misc a35c66a00b Remove duplicates in the user_ips table and add an index (#4370) 2 years ago
4377.misc 34b25dcc8e Silence travis-ci build warnings by removing non-functional python3.6 (#4377) 2 years ago
4387.misc 3982a6ee07 Changing macaroon_secret_key no longer logs you out (#4387) 2 years ago
4392.bugfix 9ec56d6935 ALL_USER_TYPES should be a tuple 2 years ago
4397.bugfix 05e1296649 don't store more remote device lists if they have more than 1K devices (#4397) 2 years ago
4399.misc 3b31a54a6e Add a changelog entry 2 years ago
4400.misc 71b94eac46 Tweak code coverage settings (#4400) 2 years ago
4404.bugfix 25dd56ace3 Fix race when persisting create event (#4404) 2 years ago
4407.bugfix 676cf2ee26 Fix incorrect logcontexts after a Deferred was cancelled (#4407) 2 years ago
4408.misc 9feb5d0b71 sign_request -> build_auth_headers (#4408) 2 years ago
4409.misc de6888e7ce Remove redundant WrappedConnection (#4409) 2 years ago