sytest-blacklist 1.5 KB

  1. # This file serves as a blacklist for SyTest tests that we expect will fail in
  2. # Synapse. This doesn't include flakey tests---better to deflake them instead.
  3. #
  4. # Each line of this file is scanned by sytest during a run and if the line
  5. # exactly matches the name of a test, it will be marked as "expected fail",
  6. # meaning the test will still run, but failure will not mark the entire test
  7. # suite as failing.
  8. #
  9. # Test names are encouraged to have a bug accompanied with them, serving as an
  10. # explanation for why the test has been excluded.
  11. # Blacklisted due to
  12. Guest users can accept invites to private rooms over federation
  13. # Blacklisted due to
  14. The only membership state included in a gapped incremental sync is for senders in the timeline
  15. # Blacklisted due to
  16. Newly created users see their own presence in /initialSync (SYT-34)
  17. # Blacklisted due to
  18. Should reject keys claiming to belong to a different user
  19. # Blacklisted until MSC2753 is implemented
  20. Local users can peek into world_readable rooms by room ID
  21. We can't peek into rooms with shared history_visibility
  22. We can't peek into rooms with invited history_visibility
  23. We can't peek into rooms with joined history_visibility
  24. Local users can peek by room alias
  25. Peeked rooms only turn up in the sync for the device who peeked them
  26. # Validation needs to be added to Synapse: #10554
  27. Rejects invalid device keys