Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fabian 17a6b3b4e9 docs: how it works, networking with state images and profiling 3 weeks ago
  Fabian d1cf93e2ed Add redox (#301) 2 months ago
  Fabian 011c94e009 Add fiwix 2 months ago
  Fabian bffa5b80a7 mxcsr: log less 2 months ago
  Fabian 8dc153b8eb nasmtests: compare entire bss (resize it to 8kB) 2 months ago
  Fabian af1cb6d17d make some jit parameters configurable at runtime 2 months ago
  Fabian 14b72530d4 fix: mov sreg, reg triggers pf before ud 2 months ago
  Fabian 651d0d83f9 fix push sreg only touches 16 bits of the stack dword 2 months ago
  Fabian da0845189b import recent kvm-unit-test changes (fixes incorrectly failing push es test) 2 months ago
  Fabian fa0a75c927 tests: don't print control characters 2 months ago
  Fabian 3c81e70794 fsave: set high bits of 16-bit fields 2 months ago
  Fabian 530105e934 nasmtests: mask fpu eip for fsave 2 months ago
  Fabian 69e8eafeba test mov reg, sreg manually 2 months ago
  Fabian 6b91f91c45 test pushf manually 2 months ago
  Fabian 4932c821e8 jit: generate code for sse moves (f20f1[01], 660f6e, f30f7e, 660fd6) 2 months ago
  Fabian 3ed118e790 jit: generate code for punpckldq (660f62) 2 months ago
  Fabian de2a1439aa jit: generate code for {66,}0f{c4,c5} (pinsrw, pextrw) 2 months ago
  Fabian 625fdcd4a2 generate slightly better code for ud2 2 months ago
  Fabian cf61ac635a vga: correctly advertise the latest bochs version, and make it r/w (fix #768) 2 months ago
  Fabian baffa6c0d6 generate code for pshufd (660F70) 2 months ago
  Fabian 752869dbff movs: allow overlapping strings, as long as they don't overlay within a page 2 months ago
  Fabian 3bcd997904 fix: rare conditional jump with double fallthrough doesn't set eip correctly 2 months ago
  Fabian 1588687e2a optimise flag generation after adc/sbb 2 months ago
  Fabian 6524bbc569 Use local for condition generation after shifts 2 months ago
  Belle Aerni aaa583659c Correct docker image for no limiter 2 months ago
  Fabian 3880583470 Use uint8array.slice over new Uint8Array().set(uint8array.subarray) 2 months ago
  Fabian adb7fe5441 allow entering jit after page walk 2 months ago
  Fabian fc520f2876 allow directory as partfile 2 months ago
  Fabian 756ce66888 movs: fast path for unaligned src/dst 2 months ago
  Fabian 685c39177f movs: fast copy into svga lfb 2 months ago