Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fabian 73220c6a76 rustfmt: some options still need nightly 2 days ago
  Fabian 5664eea54a Add test for serial large/binary files 3 weeks ago
  Fabian 09188ae361 Update xterm 3 weeks ago
  Fabian eaae139c6f Add V86.set_fda, V86.eject_fda + a test for floppy insertion/ejection 4 weeks ago
  Fabian 9ecee545c8 fix spurious make error 10 months ago
  Fabian 53098adc5c Delete src/browser/lib.js, move remaining code to lib.js 1 year ago
  Fabian e0d4e1808b Move buffer code around 1 year ago
  Fabian 966ba9210b Downgrade closure compiler 1 year ago
  Fabian d4831d3b10 Remove some unncessary quoting 1 year ago
  Fabian f7e7777dc5 Don't build browser files in release tests 1 year ago
  Fabian ce5a2a2a16 Fix closure compiler 1 year ago
  Fabian 3b827ac55d Update closure compiler 1 year ago
  Fabian ec8d00684b kvm-unit-test: build less 1 year ago
  ParkerTomatoes c7e4bef2ad fix build on MacOS 1 year ago
  Fabian 74af9457c4 Add wasm-opt 1 year ago
  Fabian ffae108c42 Show .wasm size in kilobytes 1 year ago
  Fabian e6c725bf54 Don't export ZSTD_ symbols (reduce wasm size) 1 year ago
  Fabian 199b1ceb49 Fix 32-bit wrap-around for profiler and opstats 2 years ago
  Fabian aacb6a49d7 Rust: Switch from nightly to stable 2 years ago
  Fabian b052280c37 Dead code (closure-base.js) 2 years ago
  Fabian c4843cedbf Update xterm.js 2 years ago
  Fabian d19fd26e46 CI 2 years ago
  Fabian f1fd9b67ee Hide progress bar 2 years ago
  Fabian 133656dcde Fix some tests 2 years ago
  Fabian ea4c0e3c91 Compile without /usr/include 2 years ago
  Fabian 497f618cab Merge branch 'wasm' into master 2 years ago
  Fabian 8107f26f10 xxx: Add fallback for safari 2 years ago
  Fabian 968ef2a9f7 Use newer bzimage for integration test 2 years ago
  Fabian d6b86ca90b Disable source map 2 years ago
  Fabian caf1a2fc4a Add v86_all_debug.js 2 years ago