Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fabian 9ecee545c8 fix spurious make error 7 months ago
  Fabian 53098adc5c Delete src/browser/lib.js, move remaining code to lib.js 8 months ago
  Fabian e0d4e1808b Move buffer code around 8 months ago
  Fabian 966ba9210b Downgrade closure compiler 10 months ago
  Fabian d4831d3b10 Remove some unncessary quoting 10 months ago
  Fabian f7e7777dc5 Don't build browser files in release tests 11 months ago
  Fabian ce5a2a2a16 Fix closure compiler 1 year ago
  Fabian 3b827ac55d Update closure compiler 1 year ago
  Fabian ec8d00684b kvm-unit-test: build less 1 year ago
  ParkerTomatoes c7e4bef2ad fix build on MacOS 1 year ago
  Fabian 74af9457c4 Add wasm-opt 1 year ago
  Fabian ffae108c42 Show .wasm size in kilobytes 1 year ago
  Fabian e6c725bf54 Don't export ZSTD_ symbols (reduce wasm size) 1 year ago
  Fabian 199b1ceb49 Fix 32-bit wrap-around for profiler and opstats 2 years ago
  Fabian aacb6a49d7 Rust: Switch from nightly to stable 2 years ago
  Fabian b052280c37 Dead code (closure-base.js) 2 years ago
  Fabian c4843cedbf Update xterm.js 2 years ago
  Fabian d19fd26e46 CI 2 years ago
  Fabian f1fd9b67ee Hide progress bar 2 years ago
  Fabian 133656dcde Fix some tests 2 years ago
  Fabian ea4c0e3c91 Compile without /usr/include 2 years ago
  Fabian 497f618cab Merge branch 'wasm' into master 2 years ago
  Fabian 8107f26f10 xxx: Add fallback for safari 2 years ago
  Fabian 968ef2a9f7 Use newer bzimage for integration test 2 years ago
  Fabian d6b86ca90b Disable source map 2 years ago
  Fabian caf1a2fc4a Add v86_all_debug.js 2 years ago
  Fabian e27faaee75 Create build directory 2 years ago
  Fabian b9cd08f041 Move qemu tests files to build directory 2 years ago
  Fabian 39d78a950b O3 2 years ago
  Fabian 7d1c996ab5 Update closure compiler version 2 years ago