Fabian d1cf93e2ed Add redox (#301) 2 months ago
browser d1cf93e2ed Add redox (#301) 2 months ago
rust bffa5b80a7 mxcsr: log less 2 months ago
acpi.js 74dca95e23 idle on hlt instruction 1 year ago
apic.js 74dca95e23 idle on hlt instruction 1 year ago
buffer.js 3880583470 Use uint8array.slice over new Uint8Array().set(uint8array.subarray) 2 months ago
bus.js cb1c3211e9 Fix V86.destroy() with xterm.js (#720) 5 months ago
config.js f3e79ae6be Less verbose logging 1 year ago
const.js 4e28e51d04 Clean up 1 year ago
cpu.js da0845189b import recent kvm-unit-test changes (fixes incorrectly failing push es test) 2 months ago
debug.js c8540d1113 Remove get_regs_short in non-debug mode 6 months ago
dma.js 911ed0cc52 Fix dma update mask logic: 1 !== true 5 years ago
elf.js 3e22884a4a improve logging in elf 2 months ago
externs.js e5adfc93c2 Clean up externs 1 year ago
floppy.js cf31709ec5 Add floppy command for modern linux 6 months ago
hpet.js 74dca95e23 idle on hlt instruction 1 year ago
ide.js bca3648fd2 Move hex_dump, add NE2K_LOG_PACKETS 6 months ago
io.js 2f8f8059fb Delete some more JS (memory) 2 years ago
ioapic.js 78a87d1869 ioapic improvements for 9front (#332) 2 years ago
kernel.js 12a19b444f Move initrd to 64M 2 years ago
lib.js 53098adc5c Delete src/browser/lib.js, move remaining code to lib.js 4 months ago
log.js 6643dd14fd Remove remains of old js cpu code 2 years ago
main.js 62d967bce0 Wait for emulation to stop when destroying (#721) 5 months ago
memory.js 65a75d4fe3 Additional assertions for the return value of mmap_read8 and mmap_read16 1 year ago
ne2k.js 1f614e831e refactor packet logging 6 months ago
pci.js 81f8976500 pci: Don't allow mapping to isa ports 6 months ago
pic.js 413c32dfc5 Disable spurious interrupt for now 2 years ago
pit.js 4567188324 Only call pcspeaker-update on writes to counter2 (performance) 11 months ago
ps2.js 6b376fc50d PS2 wheel improvements + winnt fix (#680) 7 months ago
rtc.js 1a27b72311 Crude implementation for cmos A update-in-progress bit 4 months ago
sb16.js e0d4e1808b Move buffer code around 4 months ago
state.js 0fee2a567a zstd-compressed state images 2 years ago
uart.js 0c17fea221 Remove serial0-output-line, fix stack overflow in serial debug output (fix #741) 2 months ago
vga.js cf61ac635a vga: correctly advertise the latest bochs version, and make it r/w (fix #768) 2 months ago
virtio.js cd3f48c0a3 Simplify recursive state handling (don't require get_state for set_state) 2 years ago