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Basic Wireless Settings

This document is only intended to cover the most basic details of Wi-Fi settings on LibreCMC, for people who do not know much about computer networking. Geeks are encouraged to simply log in to and experiment with the settings.

Log in to the LuCi configuration interface

First, you need a physical connection to the LibreCMC Wi-Fi router. The simplest way is to connect an Ethernet cable between the Ethernet port on your computer, and the LAN port on your router. An Ethernet cable is like a fat telephone cable; usually you get one included with your router. Tablets and smart phones usually don't have an Ethernet port, so you might need to borrow a laptop.

  • In the address bar of your Web browser, enter the address and press Enter or Return. You should see a page appear called Authorization Required.

  • If you see instead a page complaining that the connection is not secure, you will need to add a security exception. On Mozilla Firefox, you press the Advanced button and then the Add Exception button, and then the Confirm Security Exception button.

  • Enter the adminstrative Username and Password for your router. The default is root for the Username and a blank password.

alt text

If a blank password does not work, and you cannot figure out what it is supposed to be, you may need to reset the router.

If you are unable to view the Authorization Required page, it may be that you do not have your Ethernet cable connected to the correct ports, or your computer is not set to allow use of the Ethernet cable. Find a tech savvy relative to help you out.

Change the name of your Wi-Fi network

  • Select the Network >> Wireless menu.

  • Select the Edit button to the right side of "libreCMC".

  • Scroll down to the ESSID text field under the Interface Configuration section. and enter the name you would like for your Wi-Fi network. This is the name people will see when they are looking to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

alt text

  • If that is all you wanted to do, press the Save & Apply button at the bottom of the page, or go on to the next section.

Change your Wi-Fi password

  • If you haven't already, Select the Network >> Wireless menu, and select the Edit button to the right side of "libreCMC".

  • Select the Wireless Security tab under the Interface Configuration section.

  • In the Encryption drop down menu select WPA2-PSK. (If you have some really old devices on your network, it may be necessary to select WPA-PSK instead, to get them to connect, but don't do this unless you really need to.)

  • In the Key text field, put in the password you want people to use to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you press the green arrows button, it will make it easier to type in the password.

alt text

  • Press the Save & Apply button at the bottom of the page.

Change your Administrator password

  • There is a password used for logging into the LuCi configuration interface. You typically want this to be different than the Wi-Fi password you share with other people.

  • Select the System >> Administration menu.

  • Under Router Password section, type a new password into the Password text field. Pressing the green arrows button makes it easier to type in your password.

  • Type the exact same password into the Confirmation text field.

alt text

  • Press the Save & Apply button at the bottom of the page.