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GL.iNet AR300M

Hardware Specs

  • SoC : Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531
  • Flash ROM : 16 MB Nor + 128 MB Nand
  • RAM : 128 MB

Flashing from factory

Using GL.iNet's U-boot-mod and web UI

1) Set computer IP address to

2) Connect the enternet from the computer to "lan" port on the router

3) Press and hold the reset button, and power on the router by plugging in the power

4) Wait until the LED flashes once and red LED flashes 5 times before releasing the reset button.

5) Open IP address in the browser

6) Select the .img for NAND and .bin for NOR


  • v1.4.2 librecmc-ar71xx-nand-gl-ar300m-ubi-factory.img

Reset Instructions



  • This router is currently not officially supported by Librecmc

  • This router is dual flash and stock uboot attempts to boot nand flash first.

  • NOR flash uses .bin image and NAND flash uses .img image.

  • Use librecmc-ar71xx-nand-gl-ar300m-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar to update NAND installations

  • Default router ip is

  • On KDE, Disable change ipv4 method from automatic to manual to set the computer ip to