Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RISCi_ATOM 00f213da7e Fix links 1 day ago
  RISCi_ATOM fb45d2d757 Fix image links in docs/* 1 day ago
  RISCi_ATOM 397227a037 Bump tor to 4 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM d000193e37 Merge branch 'v1.5' into LTS : v1.5.1-20200401 4 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM 10ba5889ca Bump libreCMC version to v1.5.1 4 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM 3858b40055 Bump Wireguard to 1.0.20200330 / *-tools 1.0.20200319 4 days ago
  Hauke Mehrtens c3c729e042 libpcap: Update shared-lib patch from Debian to fix linking problems 2 weeks ago
  Jan Kardell 5a1ac3cb0f readline: needs host depend on ncurses to build 2 weeks ago
  Robert Marko f3e05ebdc7 tools: squashfskit4: fix build with GCC10 2 weeks ago
  Alexander Couzens 3590c1fca9 squashfskit4/Makefile: introduce PKG_RELEASE=1 2 weeks ago
  Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant 568440a0d4 build: prereq: tidy gcc version checks 1 week ago
  Robert Marko a12be47d28 build: add GCC 10 version detection 2 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 4cd8a126e9 vpnc-script: enable reconnect 5 days ago
  Hauke Mehrtens 7ff7bc7ac6 mac80211: Update to version 4.19.112 2 weeks ago
  Petr Štetiar 64bce1f8bd procd: turn error into debug message for missing ujail binary 1 week ago
  Jordan Sokolic 1d87c81f9e dnsmasq: add 'scriptarp' option 2 weeks ago
  Eneas U de Queiroz 090a98b0a0 openssl: revert EOF detection change in 1.1.1 1 week ago
  Eneas U de Queiroz 0e99290c53 openssl: update to 1.1.1e 2 weeks ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld 087b6d5c83 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20200318 2 weeks ago
  Rafał Miłecki 567bab9e85 kernel: backport out-of-memory fix for non-Ethernet devices 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 8a3b8966e9 Bump kernel to 4.14.174 2 weeks ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 9e95612031 hostapd: remove erroneous $(space) redefinition 1 month ago
  Adrian Schmutzler d63be30c1a ath79: add gpio4 pinmux on TL-WR841N/ND v8, WR842N v2, MR3420 v2 2 months ago
  Johann Neuhauser 0ba8a65fbd ath79: phy-ar7200-usb: adapt old behavior of arch/mips/ath79/dev-usb.c 3 months ago
  Johann Neuhauser fd92e91a57 ath79: ar934x: use reset for usb-phy-analog 3 months ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 2d481b37f1 uhttpd: update to latest Git HEAD 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 0883f41cea Bump kernel to 4.14.171 and refresh patches 1 month ago
  Petr Štetiar e310f2da72 ppp: backport security fixes 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM a9bf4ade76 Bump Wireguard to 0.0.20200215 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 92426e941f Bump wireguard to 0.0.20200214 1 month ago