Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RISCi_ATOM f529696ddd Bump 4.4 kernel to 4.4.110 ( based upon upstream OpenWRT commit : 7f5a040359cf227bc54d2ef553d469f85ed413e2 1 week ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 6ba4014e6d uci: update to HEAD of lede-17.01 branch 2 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 98ed2a77ec Merge branch 'v1.4' 2 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 478ff1b3a0 Add to /docs 2 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM a555ea2e4d Fix uboot-ar71xx uboot pkg. version 2 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 690eebcef4 Bump openvpn and wireguard 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 6fce2d026b Add basic unbrick inst. for u-boot_mod 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 94405a1976 Revert package feed back to v1.4 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 001774cc3c update kmod-sched-cake and iproute2 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 95e48678ca Merge branch 'v1.4' of into v1.4 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM d4ef1fa626 Bump kernel to 4.4.108 3 weeks ago
  libreCMC 8f20da9a7d Merge branch 'v1.4' of pi31415/libreCMC-cmh into v1.4 3 weeks ago
  Christopher Howard be6c129aae Seed commit of OpenVPN Layer 2 Server documention 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 244f9bc810 Testing markdown 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 6596f66ba4 Testing markdown 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 2b92d6c08e Testing markdown 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM dbb4d4db90 Testing markdown 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 1b14161701 Testing markdown 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 824b51fa4a Fix LINUX_KERNEL_HASH to reflect version bump 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM 7045c9e179 Bump kernel to 4.4.107 3 weeks ago
  RISCi_ATOM f0892beae4 Fixes GL AR150 (breaks GL USB150) Fix later... 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 69cf312ab0 Bump openssl to 1.0.2n 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 546f2e6659 Add ath9k_htc firmware 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM b357072516 Remove linux-libre-firmware until rework 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 3b97fc10e3 Add ath9k_htc and carl9170fw firmware to librecmc (does not build on some distros) 1 month ago
  RISCI_ATOM 2ab1100794 Update 'docs/' 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 754b9ff208 Add back cve2017-16544 busybox patch from master 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 9ac3ddc2fd Add cjdns, sqm-scripts and adblock to core 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM a28230f318 Fix uboot-envtools and mkimage 1 month ago
  Rafał Miłecki 70d7fbb896 opkg: bump to version 2017-12-08 1 month ago