Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RISCi_ATOM 7788ee6f31 Fix ccsdisk default source repository for libreCMC. 2 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM 3a3cd11885 Fix CVE-2019-8912 : net: crypto set sk to NULL when af_alg_release. : 9060cb719e61b685ec0102574e10337fa5f445ea 2 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM f371834b77 Tmp. update to 2 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM 29c6de9eac Fix TL-WR1043Nv5 image gen. for factory/tftp flash. 2 days ago
  RISCi_ATOM a7227f4ab1 Change docs/ 1 week ago
  RISCi_ATOM 1e806d7829 Fix and add more info to 1 week ago
  RISCi_ATOM 23dd14e502 Add more info about CCS disk repository options. 1 week ago
  RISCi_ATOM d42955b2d0 Rough backport of ccsdisk support 1 week ago
  RISCi_ATOM 9ce7a9d33a Fix issue #78 with patch from upstream commit d40a358136fdc19e6af13921867ed93444c08827 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM c2f804ad97 Bump uhttpd version 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 69457be419 Bump kernel to 4.4.167 (from upstream 17.01 branch) 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM d0259c2019 Update bump tinc version 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 9c635404d3 Bump wireguard to 0.0.20181218 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 380147ff47 Remove luci upnp support 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 0856640d8b Bump wolfssl to 3.15.3 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM e38afd1f8a Bump openssl to 1.0.2q 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM 50673ea572 Bump mbedtls to 2.14.1 1 month ago
  RISCi_ATOM e069af02e0 Bump version to v1.4.6 1 month ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 3d6e5b26c8 openvpn: update to 2.4.6 2 months ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld b8dabe3fc6 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181119 3 months ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld e4bc065e12 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181115 3 months ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld c652690084 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181018 4 months ago
  Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant afab3dc11d wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181007 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM d21f9fb037 Add sha256sums/signatures link to supported / popular router pages 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM 017a4db32b Fix formatting in image list? 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM 5e66f1c613 Add link to current libreCMC images on popular / supported router pages 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM 281801ba68 Change wording to make it clear that Main images work on targets with 8M of flash 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM 6d88112660 Add missing word 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM 031acf4f6d remove a word. 4 months ago
  RISCi_ATOM 5e305552ba Merge branch 'v1.4' of into v1.4 4 months ago