• libreCMC v1.4 Frivolous Fred is released!

    RISCI_ATOM 2 months ago 12 commits to master since this release

    The libreCMC project is proud to announce the release of v1.4 Frivolous Fred. This new release of libreCMC marks the seventh major release and the first full release to be based off of LEDE. With v1.4, some new changes include:

    • Rebase off LEDE 17.01 stable branch.
    • Patched Samba to fix CVE-2017-7494.
    • Updated OpenVPN to 2.4.3 to fix various CVEs.
    • Switch from fossil to gogs/git to manage wiki, bug tracker and sources.
    • Full package management support on applicable targets with more than 4M of flash.

    New release, 3 flavors

    This new major release of libreCMC comes in 3 different flavors, including :

    Main : These images ship with a sane default configuration, critical base packages and the luci web-ui. The target audience of these images is to provide an easier user experience.

    Core : A minimal base image with a few additional support packages installed and does not include the luci web-ui.

    Legacy : These images have similar goals that the Main images have, but support targets with 4M of flash. The luci web-ui does not have ssl support and there is no package management included with these images.

    With these 3 image types, we hope that the project has met the expectations of users and we settled on a common ground that fits everyone's needs. If not, please file an issue.

    ;TLDR Get the newest version of libreCMC! This new release fixes many security bugs and it's new!

    v1.4 images

    v1.4-core images

    v1.4-legacy images


  • libreCMC v1.4 Frivolous Fred RC1

    RISCI_ATOM 5 months ago 5 commits to v1.4-stage since this release

    This core release is NOT complete and will change over the next week or two as the v1.4-stage branch is cleaned up for release. This release marks the start of the v1.4.x Frivolous Fred releases of libreCMC and was based upon upstream 17.01 branch.


    v1.4-core-RC1 Full Src