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  1. # Copyright (C) 2006-2013
  2. #
  3. # This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.
  4. # See /LICENSE for more information.
  5. #
  6. menuconfig DEVEL
  7. bool "Advanced configuration options (for developers)"
  8. default n
  9. config BROKEN
  10. bool "Show broken platforms / packages" if DEVEL
  11. default n
  12. config BINARY_FOLDER
  13. string "Binary folder" if DEVEL
  14. default ""
  15. help
  16. Store built firmware images and filesystem images in this directory.
  17. If not set, uses './bin/$(BOARD)'
  18. config DOWNLOAD_FOLDER
  19. string "Download folder" if DEVEL
  20. default ""
  21. help
  22. Store downloaded source bundles in this directory.
  23. If not set then defaults to './dl', which is removed by operations such as
  24. 'git clean -xdf' or 'make distclean'.
  25. This option is useful if you have a low bandwidth Internet connection, and by
  26. setting a path outside the libreCMC tree downloads will be saved.
  27. config LOCALMIRROR
  28. string "Local mirror for source packages" if DEVEL
  29. default ""
  30. config AUTOREBUILD
  31. bool "Automatic rebuild of packages" if DEVEL
  32. default y
  33. help
  34. Automatically rebuild packages when their files change.
  35. config AUTOREMOVE
  36. bool "Automatic removal of build directories" if DEVEL
  37. default n
  38. help
  39. Automatically delete build directories after make target completed.
  40. This allows you to symlink build_dir into a scratch location, e.g. a ramdisk,
  41. which does not have enough space to keep a complete build_dir.
  42. config BUILD_SUFFIX
  43. string "Build suffix to append to the target BUILD_DIR variable" if DEVEL
  44. default ""
  45. help
  46. Build suffix to append to the BUILD_DIR variable, i.e: './build_dir/{target-build-dir}_$(BUILD_SUFFIX)'.
  47. This allows you to switch to a different .config whilst retaining all the build
  48. objects generated by the first .config
  49. config TARGET_ROOTFS_DIR
  50. string "Override the default TARGET_ROOTFS_DIR variable" if DEVEL
  51. default ""
  52. help
  53. Override the default TARGET_ROOTFS_DIR variable content $(BUILD_DIR) with
  54. custom path. Use this option to re-define the location of the target
  55. root filesystem directory.
  56. config CCACHE
  57. bool "Use ccache" if DEVEL
  58. default n
  59. help
  60. Compiler cache; see
  62. string "Use external kernel tree" if DEVEL
  63. default ""
  65. string "Enter git repository to clone" if DEVEL
  66. default ""
  67. help
  68. Enter the full git repository path i.e.:
  69. git://
  70. This will create a git clone of the kernel in your build directory.
  72. string "Enter path to local reference repository" if DEVEL
  73. depends on (KERNEL_GIT_CLONE_URI != "")
  74. default ""
  75. help
  76. Enter a full pathname to a local reference git repository.
  77. In this instance, the --reference option of git clone will
  78. be used thus creating a quick local clone of your repo.
  79. config KERNEL_GIT_REF
  80. string "Enter git ref at which to checkout" if DEVEL
  81. depends on (KERNEL_GIT_CLONE_URI != "")
  82. default ""
  83. help
  84. Enter the git ref at which to checkout the git repository
  85. after it is cloned, and before making it a tar-ball.
  86. It can be a git hash or a branch name.
  87. If unused, the clone's repository HEAD will be checked-out.
  88. config BUILD_LOG
  89. bool "Enable log files during build process" if DEVEL
  90. help
  91. If enabled, log files will be written to the ./log directory.
  92. config SRC_TREE_OVERRIDE
  93. bool "Enable package source tree override" if DEVEL
  94. help
  95. If enabled, you can force a package to use a git tree as source
  96. code instead of the normal tarball. Create a symlink 'git-src'
  97. in the package directory, pointing to the .git tree that you want
  98. to pull the source code from.
  100. string "Additional compiler options" if DEVEL
  101. default "-fno-caller-saves -fno-plt" if !CONFIG_EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN && !arc
  102. default "-fno-caller-saves"
  103. help
  104. Extra target-independent optimizations to use when building for the target.