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libreCMC supported Hardware

Officially supported devices generally fall into one of three categories : can easily be flashed from the stock firmware's web-ui, requires the usage of a tFTP server or the device must be opened. When choosing a router to use with libreCMC, please keep in mind the method which is required for the initial install of libreCMC. Unless otherwise noted, the listed devices fall into the first category [1].






Tested Hardware

List of tested hardware

libreCMC unofficially supported Hardware


  • DGL-5500 a1 : Ships with non-free wifi card, but can be replaced with a free one. Has a mini-pci-e card slot.

#####Please note that other targets may work; we are NOT responsible for ANY bricked devices.


[1] Firmware can be flashed from the stock firmware's web-ui.

[2] Requires a tFTP server for initial flashing.

[3] Requires opening up the hardware and the usage of a few tools (SPI Flasher, serial cable or both).