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  Adrian Chadd e0eccbb290 Update build instructions for FreeBSD. 6 years ago
  Matthew Flaschen 435a545518 Note in README that cmake must be installed 7 years ago
  Adrian Chadd 78975680e4 Update documentation to reflect the current reality. 8 years ago
  Ben Greear 454dcf35c6 Update build instructions. 8 years ago
  Adrian Chadd cc765de490 Update to clearbsd/isc licence; this is what it should've been. 8 years ago
  Adrian Chadd 451980182c Clarify the licence terms a little more. It seems people think 8 years ago
  Adrian Chadd 45c603c6aa Fix README - there are no AR9285+AR7010 cards. 8 years ago
  Adrian Chadd 1ede3bcb22 Add mailing lists and bug information. 8 years ago
  Adrian Chadd 3a825ae8ea Add a README. 8 years ago