Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RISCI_ATOM 67c4b46aed Merge branch 'tinyscheme' of pi31415/librecmc-package-feed into v1.4 3 years ago
  pi31415 13cb588bdc TinyScheme: Bumps PKG_RELEASE 3 years ago
  pi31415 173bea0a51 Splits tinyscheme into two packages 3 years ago
  pi31415 8e51a31bbf TinyScheme: Adds options to install library files 3 years ago
  pi31415 218e83e89c Builds TinyScheme library correctly 3 years ago
  Christopher Howard 797b5408dc tinyscheme: Tweaks to allow building libraries 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 6cf2121e56 Bump softethervpn version 3 years ago
  RISCI_ATOM 4a64056e70 Merge branch 'tinyscheme' of pi31415/librecmc-package-feed into v1.4 3 years ago
  Christopher Howard aad959f69d Adds the patch to disable building the shared library. 3 years ago
  Christopher Howard dd3144ef2a Initial Makefile for TinyScheme Package 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 9f5db9a6db Commit based upon d6442850bde61f0c3e7e2ae3247b4a856073c5e0 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 9810a4e618 Revert package feed back 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 244b7067bd Remove apache and other pkgs. add libpam... 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 0a9589647b Add more missing libs 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 0196fa4caf Add a few more libs and remove iotivity 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM d6c0f0945f Clean pull from upstrea package feed (non-working) w/o libs 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 2560ad38cb Fresh pull from upstream (stable) package feed 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM d6442850bd Remove automake for now 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 8a1293e8b9 Remove broken packages 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 25623926bf Updated git and subversion to fix CVE-2017-1000117, CVE-2017-9800 and CVE-2017-1000116 3 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM a1883f2bab removed hamlib 4 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 18612d7168 Add support for miniupnpd and cjdns 4 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM d3013d024c Add mwan3 to v1.4 branch of package feed 4 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM f116137591 Fresh pull from upstream 4 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 67a2d93828 Removed broken packages 4 years ago
  libreCMC 496a5bc63f Delete '' 4 years ago
  RISCi_ATOM 704ce7f78e First Commit 4 years ago