Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Davin McCall 1775b0bc4c dinitctl: display both "stopped" and "started" status for restart 12 hours ago
  Davin McCall 0ccb632faa doc: dinitctl: remove mention of dependency links 1 day ago
  Davin McCall 3fa13b7f4f doc: extended activation model description in dinit manpage 1 day ago
  Mobin Aydinfar c1abd7afe9 igr-tests: Remove remaining files from Old infrastructure 2 days ago
  Mobin Aydinfar 099ecb7541 igr-runner, Make, meson: Use proper include for "mconfig.h" 1 week ago
  Mobin Aydinfar cd2c359480 meson: Use "igr-runner" for tests 1 month ago
  Mobin Aydinfar 49284aaf7c igr-runner: Fix tests to use variables for paths 1 month ago
  Mobin Aydinfar fb68fe9858 igr-runner: Refactor igr-tests representation and runtime 1 month ago
  Davin McCall 2242c24612 Fix bug in command parsing with comment 3 days ago
  Davin McCall 46b78a4dad loadtests: match test order to appearance in source 3 days ago
  Davin McCall 10d793c318 Correct function comment 3 days ago
  Davin McCall f995eccb1e tests: correct comment 3 days ago
  Carlos Eduardo 7cb29c4ffc test whitespace usage 6 days ago
  Carlos Eduardo bbdd2a8011 do not call back() on a possibly empty string 6 days ago
  Carlos Eduardo 7aec3d6819 load-service: add newline escaping support 1 week ago
  Davin McCall 9870fcd8b2 doc: minor man page formatting cleanups 1 week ago
  Davin McCall 92b531155d Remove extraneous formatting tag 1 week ago
  Davin McCall d9d7084285 Remove extraneous text from man page 1 week ago
  Davin McCall 1b0a3ecc78 Igr: extend timeouts in before_after2 test 1 week ago
  Davin McCall c1c220a141 Igr: don't use AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW in faccess 1 week ago
  Davin McCall 7f9ab9e7c5 Igr: rm_r: make sure to clean up file descriptors 1 week ago
  Davin McCall dc083ca95e Igr: update timeouts for before-after, and fix wrong process wait 1 week ago
  Davin McCall badd384b7d Igr: convert remaining integration tests to run via igr-runner 1 week ago
  Mobin Aydinfar 213d3fb1bf shutdown: Respect "SHUTDOWN_PREFIX" for reboot util check 1 month ago
  Davin McCall b40b0710a9 Igr: don't expect SUPPORT_CGROUPS to be defined 1 month ago
  Davin McCall 5a72920cfd Igr: convert more integration tests to run via igr-runner 1 month ago
  Mobin 16fa8e3e42 doc/manpages: Fix missing highlight mark for "Triggered" service type (#330) 1 month ago
  Davin McCall 455f7b3570 Igr: convert reload1 test to run from igr-runner 1 month ago
  iacore 016f3fb6b6 Tweak FreeBSD install instruction (#329) 1 month ago
  Mobin Aydinfar 88f055053f doc/ Use already fetched "mandir" 1 month ago