OpenWrt filesystem utilities

Petr Štetiar c44b40be0f overlay: fix syncronizing typo 1 week ago
libblkid-tiny cddd902cc1 Truncate FAT filesystem label until 1st occurance of a blank (0x20) 11 months ago
libfstools c44b40be0f overlay: fix syncronizing typo 1 week ago
libubi 7d78836dac add missing includes 4 years ago
.gitignore 98bbb5a068 blockd: add automounting support 4 years ago
CMakeLists.txt bad1835f27 fstools: add partname volume driver 1 month ago
block.c f415323b7c block: replace local mkdir_p implementation 4 months ago
blockd.c eec16e2f27 blockd: add optional "device" parameter to "info" ubus method 11 months ago
jffs2reset.c c53b188207 jffs2reset: support fristboot on unmounted UBI overlay 3 months ago
mount_root.c 41e7cf7483 libfstools: add ext4 filesystem type 4 years ago
probe-libblkid.c 6a61b9ac10 probe: fallback to when does not exist 1 year ago
probe.c b4e25d5403 libblkid-tiny: fix symbol collision with full libblkid 1 year ago
probe.h e5f83dcc1b probe: stop handling name property 4 years ago
snapshot.c ef2cc03b52 fstools: Replace strerror(errno) with %m format. 3 years ago
ubi.c d67c13c9d5 ubi: convert to ulog() api 6 years ago