Mirror of musl libc

Rich Felker ea9525c8bc release 1.1.24 4 days ago
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crt 54b7564b72 remove unnecessary and problematic _Noreturn from crt/ldso startup 3 months ago
dist e4d35ea9cf add another example option to dist/config.mak 7 years ago
include 81e795e1f1 fcntl.h: add AT_RECURSIVE from linux v5.2 1 month ago
ldso 9d35fec9e1 fix regression whereby main thread didn't get TLS relocations 2 months ago
src e858063070 math: fix signed int left shift ub in sqrt 4 days ago
tools 7dad9c2125 fix musl-gcc wrapper to be compatible with default-pie gcc toolchains 1 year ago
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musl libc

musl, pronounced like the word "mussel", is an MIT-licensed
implementation of the standard C library targetting the Linux syscall
API, suitable for use in a wide range of deployment environments. musl
offers efficient static and dynamic linking support, lightweight code
and low runtime overhead, strong fail-safe guarantees under correct
usage, and correctness in the sense of standards conformance and
safety. musl is built on the principle that these goals are best
achieved through simple code that is easy to understand and maintain.

The 1.1 release series for musl features coverage for all interfaces
defined in ISO C99 and POSIX 2008 base, along with a number of
non-standardized interfaces for compatibility with Linux, BSD, and
glibc functionality.

For basic installation instructions, see the included INSTALL file.
Information on full musl-targeted compiler toolchains, system
bootstrapping, and Linux distributions built on musl can be found on
the project website: