Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Gaurav Pathak 7ee456346b procd: Adding support to detect Pantavisor Container Platform 4 weeks ago
  Daniel Golle c23d8bf816 trace: fix build on aarch64 1 month ago
  Daniel Golle 3e88c6f2b1 jail/seccomp: add support for aarch64 2 months ago
  Mathew McBride 2cfc26f845 inittab: detect active console from kernel if no console= specified 1 month ago
  Daniel Golle 945d0d79cb utils: fix C style in header file 1 month ago
  Rosen Penev 64e9f3a4ef procd: fix compilation with newer musl 1 month ago
  Daniel Golle 37eed131e9 system: expose if system was booted from initramfs 2 months ago
  Daniel Golle 2be57ed3fb cosmetics: provide compatible system info on Aarch64 2 months ago
  Daniel Golle 08938fe1cb procd: add hotplug-call dispatcher 3 months ago
  Daniel Golle fd183797bc jail: cgroups: fix uninitialized variable 2 months ago
  Daniel Golle 0a74c067f9 jail: only output BPF instr. table header if debugging 3 months ago
  Daniel Golle 92c8e8f3c6 jail: remove duplicate check for hook file permissions 3 months ago
  John Crispin d6dda317db procd: fix compiler warning 2 months ago
  Stefan Eichenberger 0aee1c30c0 hotplug.c: set nl_pid to zero 2 months ago
  Daniel Golle 7f12c89d0b treewide: replace local mkdir_p implementations 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 111416d10b jail: remove unreachable code 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 6acc48c7a2 early: fall-back to run ubus as root if user can't be found 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 09478ba230 jail: improve seccomp log output 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 4625350465 jail: seccomp: improve code readability 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle f67a66f196 jail: always call cgroups_free() 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle f3c35632a1 jail: improve seccomp BPF generator 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 31e0a46ded jail: properly initialize timens_fd 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle b275b11d89 jail: enter existing cgroups namespace if given 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle b87984baf3 jail: don't attempt to mount /sys with noatime 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle e40828fa3f jail: fix typo in usage output 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle acf36f2777 jail: seteuid before clone(CLONE_NEWUSER) 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 19ac9df877 jail: don't fail if can't mount-bind /etc/resolv.conf 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle db5ef86649 jail: don't use NULL arguments for mount syscall 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 4ba72ecf3a jail: relax /etc/resolv.conf creation 4 months ago
  Daniel Golle 5abee8f690 jail: fix and simplify userns uid/gid maps from OCI 4 months ago