OpenWrt service / process manager

Stijn Tintel 039b88f753 sysupgrade: print errno on failure 3 weeks ago
initd 7a00968535 init: only relabel rootfs if started from initramfs 6 months ago
jail 93b2c2d5ed jail: ignore missing .dynamic sect 2 weeks ago
plug ac2b8b365b procd: clean up /dev/pts mounts 10 months ago
service aa44624b30 instance: dump netdev params 2 months ago
trace a68088ef31 utrace: fix memory leak 5 months ago
upgraded 4fde955062 cmake: fix lookup of external libraries 2 years ago
utils 86f82f3de1 utils: don't ignore open() return value 1 year ago
.gitignore bc0a73eaad procd: add upgraded binary to .gitignore 3 years ago
CMakeLists.txt 6343c3a8b9 procd: completely remove tmp-on-zram support 9 months ago
container.h 7ee456346b procd: Adding support to detect Pantavisor Container Platform 1 year ago
hotplug-dispatch.c 48638ad4f8 hotplug-dispatch: yet another rare memory leak disovered by Coverity 1 year ago
inittab.c 01ac2c4500 procd: service_stop_all: also kill inittab actions 1 year ago
libc-compat.h d5fddd91b9 explicitely ignore return value of symlink(3) call 7 years ago
log.h 3ba6b45c59 procd: add missing new lines inside debug code 5 years ago 51201235db jail: add capabilities support 7 years ago cb0031c47b procd: seccomp/jail: Fix build error on arm with glibc 10 months ago
preload.h dfcfcca7ba add initial version of ujail and utrace 7 years ago
procd.c 53e92d43d6 procd: lower the logging threshold 5 years ago
procd.h 01ac2c4500 procd: service_stop_all: also kill inittab actions 1 year ago
rcS.c 48777def2c rcS: cast format string to int64_t 2 years ago
rcS.h 21d307367e fix rcS memory leaks and running hook 9 years ago
signal.c cfaed5630c procd: add SIGPWR as signal 3 years ago
state.c d6dda317db procd: fix compiler warning 1 year ago
system.c 87b5836354 procd: add full service shutdown prior to sysupgrade 1 year ago
sysupgrade.c 039b88f753 sysupgrade: print errno on failure 2 weeks ago
sysupgrade.h b8238df0fb sysupgrade: support "backup" attribute 3 years ago
ubus.c 08938fe1cb procd: add hotplug-call dispatcher 1 year ago
uxc.c 5c5e63f89a uxc: fix potential NULL-pointer dereference 7 months ago
watchdog.c f26233edb6 watchdog: Add an info message if the watchdog reset the system 1 year ago
watchdog.h a17e1e8ec1 watchdog: fix inline watchdog_get_magicclose function prototype 5 years ago