Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Petr Štetiar af59f86a0d iron out all extra compiler warnings 2 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens fc417e8080 build: Add -Wclobbered to detect problems with longjmp 2 years ago
  Sven Eckelmann f199b961c2 uci: fix options list of section after type change 3 years ago
  Jordan Miner 5d2bf09ec5 uci: fix a potential use-after-free in uci_set() 4 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 3b3d63e234 list: only record ordering deltas if element position changed 4 years ago
  Hans Dedecker 25fd142c8d list: remove unncessary increment of n_section (FS#1182) 4 years ago
  Hans Dedecker 021fd65643 file: remove unnecessary uci_fixup_section calls 4 years ago
  Felix Fietkau c203c2f900 Revert "mandatory anonymous section identifier" 5 years ago
  Antonio Paunovic df72af4740 mandatory anonymous section identifier 6 years ago
  Yousong Zhou 790d30606d Add a few notes on the return value of uci_lookup_ptr(). 7 years ago
  Yousong Zhou ecf0ed555e Fix memory leaks found by using valgrind on test cases. 7 years ago
  Luka Perkov f506323c30 style: fix whitespace errors 9 years ago
  Luka Perkov 87be3798a9 style: free(NULL) is perfectly valid so we can drop some checks 9 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 2fcc6d756f uci_delete: check ptr->o and its type before checking ptr->value 9 years ago
  Felix Fietkau c9c9d5cb08 uci: fix excessive reorder delta entry duplication 9 years ago
  Krzysztof Kuźnik b42ee8f218 uci: Fix uci_delete() when ptr->value is empty string 9 years ago
  Felix Fietkau e4516d01a7 remove plugin support, it has been unused for a long time and should not be used for any new code 9 years ago
  Luka Perkov e81961bde8 extend delete command so it can delete list elemets using index 10 years ago
  Luka Perkov ec8cbbbe0f add new command del_list 10 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 1d6095d5ac add a few missing null pointer checks, and fix check vs dereference order in some cases (patch by Stanislav Fomichev) 11 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 4a7d8053ae fix lgpl license headers 11 years ago
  Felix Fietkau a5eb996e0f fix uci_list_set_pos to reorder sections properly, even when moving a section to the last position 11 years ago
  Felix Fietkau fcb93b2ca7 add convenience functions for looking up packages/sections/options 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 862bdfa26c add support for partial lookups - skip lookup for filled-in sections or packages 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 270b8d7533 make uci_lookup_ptr() use the extended flag properly again 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau b033290657 split off and compile delta.c separately 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau c4402a9e59 uci_history -> uci_delta 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 853f586e48 split off and compile util.c separately 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 6ce771b109 split off and compile file.c separately 12 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 2ae9f4d72d do not fail when attempting to set a nonexistant option to an empty value 13 years ago