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So long, and thanks for all the fish...

After Microsoft's math-washed violation of Free Software hackers' copyright, I decided to move Jehanne elsewhere, and the Devol collective kindly offered their hospitality on

If you give a shit about Free Software and developers' rights, I recommend you to do the same.
Otherwise, your copylefted code will lend proprietary products, without proper attribution or correct licensing through the cut&paste&string-replace as a Service known as GitHub Copilot.

To be fair, if I owned a software house pretending to develop innovative proprietary code, I would leave GitHub as soon as possible, and for the very same reason: nobody will ever be able to prove if Copilot accidentally distributed code from your private repository or not!
Good luck with your IP protection! :-P

Anyway, 804b13a4dc is the last commit available both on GitHub and

You can keep following this project there and on the new website:


Jehanne is a simple operating system.

Jehanne has noble ancestors:

  • most of userland tools, a lot of wisdom and some kernel modules, come from 9front
  • the kernel is a fork of Charles Forsyth's Plan9-9k
  • most of the build system and some valuable piece of code come from Harvey OS

Still the project is named after a humble peasant, the famous French heretic Joan of Arc, because it diverges deeply from the design and conventions of its predecessors.