villepeh d344bc8b6e Include `x_forwarded` in workers example configs (#14667) 2 weeks ago
cmdclient 88193f2125 Remove direct refeferences to PyNaCl (use signedjson instead). (#12902) 8 months ago
docker 7013e06e2f Improve Docker docs for use with Postgres (#11640) 1 year ago
docker_compose_workers 1eb8dcf4c9 Remove not needed `replication` listener in docker compose example (#14107) 3 months ago
grafana 51e7255fbb Fix the *MAU Limits* section of the Grafana dashboard relying on a specific `job` name for the workers of a Synapse deployment. (#14644) 1 month ago
graph 84cd0fe4e2 Fix-up the contrib/graph scripts. (#13013) 7 months ago
prometheus ac7e5683d6 Add comments to the Prometheus recording rules to make it clear which set of rules you need for Grafana or Prometheus Console. (#13876) 4 months ago
purge_api 99e698d6ed Fix Shellcheck SC2089 and SC2090: Quotes in vars 1 year ago
snap 11282ade1d Move the `snapcraft` configuration to `contrib`. (#12142) 11 months ago
systemd 974261cd81 Fix broken links in (#10331) 1 year ago
systemd-with-workers e938f69697 Fix some links in `docs` and `contrib` (#10370) 1 year ago
vertobot 0ac61b1c78 hacky support for video for FS CC DD 7 years ago
workers-bash-scripts d344bc8b6e Include `x_forwarded` in workers example configs (#14667) 2 weeks ago
README.rst 67dabe143d Document contrib directory 4 years ago
example_log_config.yaml 463b072b12 Move logging utilities out of the side drawer of util/ and into logging/ (#5606) 3 years ago


Community Contributions

Everything in this directory are projects submitted by the community that may be useful
to others. As such, the project maintainers cannot guarantee support, stability
or backwards compatibility of these projects.

Files in this directory should *not* be relied on directly, as they may not
continue to work or exist in future. If you wish to use any of these files then
they should be copied to avoid them breaking from underneath you.