Daniel Engberg 7d10b4c0ef libevent2: Update to 2.1.11 1 year ago
base-files 0b73335b02 base-files: use get_mac_binary() in mtd_get_mac_binary_ubi() 9 months ago
boot 63132d5109 kexec-tools: change kdump.init STOP index 9 months ago
devel a31333ee0a gdb: bump to 8.3.1 8 months ago
firmware dc0e62a006 Rebased from upstream / out of band repository. 1 year ago
kernel 2b3f5ab32e kernel: mark kmod-usb-serial-wwan as hidden 8 months ago
libs 7d10b4c0ef libevent2: Update to 2.1.11 8 months ago
luci f761dfa04b Add luci, based upon commit : ae8ddb0ca6dfe98cb842fe2c01b36c4df55a0894 10 months ago
network 9225289062 Bump Wireguard to 0.0.20191012 8 months ago
system 06da9af324 rpcd: update to latest Git HEAD 8 months ago
utils 754d9ab6d4 bzip2: add linker option LDFLAGS 8 months ago
Makefile e68c492f9e Upstream refresh for v1.5.0-rc1 : Upstream 19.07 : 4fb6b8c553f692eeb5bcb203e0f8ee8df099e77e 10 months ago