LEDE fork of Opkg

Vladislav Grigoryev d038e5b6d1 libopkg: support https_proxy 1 year ago
intercept 6d27d9bb44 Fix depmod intercept. Patch from Andreas Oberritter. 12 years ago
libbb 7a9697267d libbb: xreadlink: fix memory leak on failure case 5 years ago
libopkg d038e5b6d1 libopkg: support https_proxy 11 months ago
src d3a63b3273 libopkg: add option to strip ABI versions from listed names 1 year ago
tests cf4554d6f2 libopkg: support passing callbacks to feed parsing functions 2 years ago
utils 6215c27b1d build: remove automake/autoconf build system 6 years ago
.gitignore ed3526ddbd .gitignore: ignore test executables 6 years ago
AUTHORS e74d3456b5 Update README and TODO. Add myself to AUTHORS. 13 years ago
CMakeLists.txt 468158f01e libopkg: fix SHA256 calculation for big endian system 5 years ago
CONTRIBUTORS 207b2e92ba Fix duplicate and add a name. 13 years ago
COPYING 8bf49d16a6 * Add ipkg for future development 14 years ago
ChangeLog.ipkg 99c7900b8a opkg: restore original ipkg ChangeLog 14 years ago