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Harvey: A distributed operating system

Welcome to Harvey, we are delighted that you are interested in the project.

What is harvey?

Harvey is a distributed operating system. It’s most directly descended from Plan 9 from Bell Labs. This heritage spans from its distributed application architecture all the way down to much of its code. However, Harvey aims to be a more practical, general-purpose operating system, so it also uses ideas and code from other systems.

Getting started

Start by reading the Getting Started guide to learn how to get Harvey up and running.


You enjoyed playing with Harvey and you want to help out? Great!

Take a look at our Contribution Guide it covers a wide variety of topics including the Harvey coding style, Code of Conduct, where to get help and so on.




Last updated: 13th Apr, 2018

Status Milestone Goals ETA
In progress Go 1 / 0 March 2018
Done Harvey 1 / 1 February 2018


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Donate to Harvey!

Harvey is a proud member of SFC and gladly accepts donations.



  • License GPL