Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lorenzo 59da46c80b Add sapling growth APIs (#3053) 9 months ago
  Lars Mueller 16b6bdde0a `default.set_inventory_action_loggers`: Hook (instead of replace) callbacks 1 year ago
  ssdaniel24 2e8ac46120 Beds: Replace hardcoded values of day interval with constants (#2990) 1 year ago
  nixnoxus 0c2ee1e41d Deduplicate player action logging, silence fake player actions (#2941) 2 years ago
  LoneWolfHT 659895c3ed Update game_api.txt 2 years ago
  An0n3m0us 172b62f802 Add trapdoor/door model specification (#2371) 2 years ago
  sfan5 acc918436a Override local_animation settings for certain animations 2 years ago
  Lars Müller 6623dec567 Redo player_api (#2745) 2 years ago
  Emojigit 75f9575557 Allow to set use_texture_alpha when registering a door 2 years ago
  Yaman Qalieh d775a9bdae Pull some parent node vars for stairs and slabs (#2911) 2 years ago
  Paramat ddebdeccb1 Add open/close sound gains to the Doors API, balance sound levels (#2768) 3 years ago
  Louis Royer 4c145bf9aa Improve inner/outer stairs translation for external mods (#2584) 3 years ago
  Paramat 8d0fb34fb0 Player_api: Various maintenance (#2737) 3 years ago
  sfan5 6d2a897e1b creative: Update for compatibility with minetest.creative_is_enabled (#2691) 4 years ago
  bell07 fb18a5b20d Make default.chest.register_chest() usable for other mods (#2127) 4 years ago
  An0n3m0us 05fad37b3c Sort items into correct categories (#2612) 4 years ago
  sfan5 fbbc7fc996 player_api: Prevent knockback when player is set as attached 4 years ago
  Thomas--S 1940961d63 Move duplicate recipe from books to default.register_craft_metadata_copy() 4 years ago
  An0n3m0us 05375c0fd4 Fix glass panes sides (#2500) 4 years ago
  sfan5 b4c7522248 Fix more translation strings (#2487) 4 years ago
  sfan5 e4adb01fbf Fix and improve translation strings (#2471) 4 years ago
  sfan5 b701e500aa Support for icesheet dungeons in dungeon_loot 4 years ago
  Paramat 5c48c76aa2 Fix trapdoor side textures and orientations 5 years ago
  HybridDog efd090228d fire: Document flammable group, a little code cleanup 5 years ago
  Ryan Nolan bae58b3806 Doors: Allow on_rightclick to be overidden 5 years ago
  rubenwardy 1fa8180e7f Add sfinv.get_page() 5 years ago
  random-geek ab1a79b13c Add blueberry bushes 5 years ago
  Paramat 5b3b609270 Stairs: Add field to determine world-aligned textures (#2219) 5 years ago
  Paramat 5673a71752 Game_api.txt: Update and improve dye documentation 5 years ago
  TumeniNodes 9318c71659 Biomes: Add pine bush to taiga and snowy grassland 6 years ago